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Event Engagement

Before your Hybrid or full virtual program, the Videoboard team will host several rehearsals to set your run of the show and anticipate and fix any challenges that may develop.

App Management

Apps provide a platform for on-the-go interaction that might be missing from a live or virtual conference. Mobile apps provide an extra layer of engagement for your virtual attendees.

Boost Your Success

Videoboard Brings to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive market domination. going forward, a new normal that has evolved and we are ready to the streamlined solution.

New Protocols

When working in a project our teams are well versed in recommended hygiene practices by local governments and the CDC/WHO. From social distancing to eliminating all physical touch points.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results with Digital Solutions

We will design marketing campaigns based on your specific needs. Let’s Talk big data. Let’s talk about global reach.

Event Marketing, Registration and Digital App​

Our registration, app and iConcierge+ system is intuitive and customizable to your needs. We handle the app setup and ongoing management, we also have a dedicated team to execute your needs before, during and post event.

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iConcierge+ Marketing & Digital Signage Services

Design & Printing

Flexible event graphic & web designs to help you unlock your creativity and prepare beautiful event logos, badges, collateral and more

Event Marketing

We bring Intelligence into event management while keeping your event sustainable. We will assist with event Branding & Marketing

AV Production

Event design & coordination of all audio-visual aspects; state of the art video-walls, video cameras, photographer, IT assistance...


Enhancing your program's branding, program agenda showcasing while saving on your collateral


We help our clients to navigate current environment, identify opportunities and work around the clock to convert those into a ROI

Life Stream

We can help reaching new and additional audiences during the conference, we are solutions-based team

Media Plan

Great ads and media plans earn awareness, preference, attention and gets the results you want for your business or event.

Event's app

Event’s Agenda, Real-Time Updates & Notifications, Effective Networking, Attendees Smart Profiles


Our team experience in brilliant design and development can create the desired online impression

Video Podcasts

We provide website ready to share video podcasts editing service for speakers' presentations

At VideoBoard, We Are Fulfilling Your Marketing And Communication Vision. Relentless And Together We Can Unite Brands & Customers In A Socially Distant World.

We Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business & Products Grow. our unique & precise targeted approach to advertising. We take the target of a highly specific audience and develop a comprehensive plan to reach qualified prospects.

Design Is An Opportunity.
Plan For The Best Results.

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a page. As your marketing consultant we work with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. We help create a detailed marketing plan, determine a business’s marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to the target market. We also get involve in implementing the marketing strategy and often help monitor results and tweak campaigns as they go to ensure that your companies get the best results from the marketing efforts.

The Big Picture

We help companies grow by aligning their business and marketing strategy. As your partner, we know that nothing can get done without the big picture in mind.


If you are looking for the trusted business partner in your start-up or established company, you have found us! we have consulted one-on-one for decades across a wide variety of industries

Business Grow

At VideoBoard, we are focused on creative methods that assist you in exceeding your business launch and growth goals

“Everything you can imagine is real”


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A little bit about us

Since 2008 VIDEOBOARD© is a new generation of marketers & Media Innovators. We create, enhance, and distribute communications solutions using numerous methods of processing and big data analysis.

Working with us is easy and affordable for business or conferences of any size. Our goal is to provide the best and the most affordable communication products, with the greatest service possible, to continually improve our client’s ability to efficiently manage their life circle of on-site advertising maximizing the products showcase among the event’s attendees.

Throughout our global network, we engage with your target audience in the digital world, which demands a whole new marketing strategy. Traditional marketing is no longer enough to breakthrough! You need digital communications that rise above the nose to touch, intrigue, inform, and connect.

Our team of consultants works with you every step of the way. From site location, equipment specification, template design, database integration to on-site support during your conference or event.

When partnering is necessary, we leverage our media long-lasting global connection to excel in pairing like-minded brands that have similar marketing objectives to deliver unparalleled live event experiences rich with consumer touch-points