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In VIDEOBOARD® Global System, every customer has a dedicated profile that allows to create a media plan, select sites for advertisement, upload advertisement spots, generate a calculation, and order campaigns for a specific targeted audience....
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VideoBoardUSA+ VIDEOBOARD© is a new generation of Digital Signage & Media Innovators. We create, enhance, and distribute communications solution using numerous methods of processing, via computer hardware and software applications. It is easy and affordable for business of any size....
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iConcierge + TM Videoboard web system offers a unique scheduling algorithm with a very clean and simple user interface allowing our clients to specify details such as country, city and location, time, or even specific audience to be targeted by their commercial clip. Just think about it: "More and more of your customers spend more time out of their homes. They travel to work, eat at restaurants during the daytime, frequent clubs and bars during the...
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Our goal is to provide the best and the most affordable communication products, with the greatest service possible, to continually improve our client’s ability to efficiently manage their life circle of advertising.

Through more than 3,575,000 million users , within our global network, we engage with your target audience in the digital world, which demands a whole new marketing strategy. Traditional marketing is no longer enough to break through! You need digital communications that rise above the noise to touch, intrigue, inform and rewards.You can’t do today’s sale and marketing job with yesterday’s methods, and be in business tomorrow.

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