VIDEOBOARD© is a new generation of Digital Signage & Media Innovators. We create, enhance, and distribute communications solution using numerous methods of processing, via computer hardware and software applications. It is easy and affordable for business or conferences of any size.

Our goal is to provide the best and the most affordable communication products, with the greatest service possible, to continually improve our client’s ability to efficiently manage their life circle of on-site advertising maximizing the products showcase among the event’s attendees.

Throughout our global network, we engage with your target audience in the digital world, which demands a whole new marketing strategy. Traditional marketing is no longer enough to break through! You need digital communications that rise above the nose to touch, intrigue, inform and connect.

Our event digital signage system is available today in communicating with your audience visually and acoustically rich, relevant information. Finalizing materials weeks in advance and panicked onsite changes are a thing of the past. Our cost effective and efficient systems run on a variety of your preferred displays: from sleek kiosks, huge LED screens, high definition in-room projection to videos and event agenda.

We’ll help you connect each screen to your existing database of agenda information, marketing content, music, video or social media. Our systems create an immersive environment for your event, as your agenda changes, so do your signs, it’s that simple.

Our content management team works with you every step of the way. From site location, equipment specification, template design, database integration to on-site support during your conference or event.

* Automatic real time display weather and your meeting agenda information
* Directional / way-finding capabilities
* Branding and advertising – repurpose your existing web and video content
* Compatible with most popular database, graphic, video and audio formats.